Pupil Voice 

Pupil Voice 

The School Council are elected by the pupils in their class to attend regular meetings with the headteacher and often a representative of of the governing body to articulate the views of their peers. Each year they come up with many suggestions for improvements. We do our best to ensure that their voices are heard and their suggestions acted upon (where possible!). 
The children of Cobham Primary School decided on Cobham’s Caring Code using the voice of the School Council. All ideas generated were discussed, combined and agreed by the School Council Representatives of 2022 - 2023 and continue to be relevant today. 

Pupil Action 

Our children are amazing at Cobham. Not only do the school counsellors hold me to account and bring the many voices of their class to every meeting. Each class truly makes a difference to the life and smooth running of the school. We like to think of it as Pupil Voice turning into Pupil Action! 

Year R 

Year R learn very early on about the part they have to play in looking after themselves and their own environment. They are given the task of keeping both their learning spaces, indoors and outdoors in tip top shape! Here they are doing exactly that! 

Year 1 

Year 1 do a stalwart job of locating lost property, whether it be uniform or play equipment and they return it to their rightful owners, thus having to venture around the school bravely to find the right place and people! 

Year 2 

Year 2 have an important and probably what often feel like a thankless task, as they battle with keeping our front of school entrance spick and span and leaf free! It is a wind tunnel there and it generates the largest of leaf piles that they love to jump in before they tidy! 

Year 3 

Year 3 have two jobs – they think about our bills and are energy efficient and conscious in that they turn off all the pcs in the IT suite at the end of the day and check to see if the iPads are charged and can be put into safe mode! They without doubt save the school lots of money by doing this important job! They also make sure that our first aid boxes are out in the playgrounds ready incase anyone has an accident! Such thoughtful children. 

Year 4 

Year 4 are brave as they litter pick around the entire site. Wellies are often needed for this job and they have to traverse our wonderful site. It is amazing what they find, even though the children are really good at using the many bins in the school grounds! They are always on a mission to keep the wider areas of the school looking amazing for us all to enjoy. 

Year 5 

Year 5 have one of the most important jobs. They collect all the paper used throughout the week across all the classes and they make sure that it gets to our recycle bins. This may not seem much but if you can begin to understand how much paper 7 classes use during a week’s worth of learning, then you can guess how important that is to us and our wider environment. 

Year 6 

Year 6 are our finest ambassadors and are fully aware of their importance as role models for us all. From setting up the hall for assemblies and events, to being a table head in the dining hall to supporting our youngest children with their meals, to play leaders during every play and lunch providing fun activities for our youngest children. Year 6 do so much to make sure that their caring and kind ways are shown across the school. 
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