By Car 


Parking facilities are available behind the school for dropping off and picking up children who attend Cobham Primary School and for visitors. 
This is a shared facility with Cobham Cricket Club, Cobham Sports Ground and Cobham Bowls Club, so please respect other users of the car park and park sensibly. 
Please do not block or park too close to the entrance/exit or the gates to the school, including the gate at the back - we have additional staff parking behind this gate which staff need to access freely, please keep it clear at all times. Spaces are limited, therefore at busy times we urge people where possible to use the nearby Meadow Room and walk your child in. 

Exit Collection Points 

Year R exit via the back of the school and will be met in the infant playground. 
Year 1 exit via the front of the school and will be met by the doors between years 1 and 2. 
Year 2 will be collected from the infant playground, near the lion. 
Year 3 exit via their back door and can be collected from the quiet area in the junior playground. 
Years 4, 5 and 6 exit from the junior block and we ask you to wait for them where a teacher will be able to see you. All children are told to not leave their class teacher until they have sight of you! 
Please advise us if your child is being collected by another mum, dad, family member or friend prior to 3.15pm to avoid any inconvenience as we will not release your child until we have received confirmation from you personally. 
You may email us or phone us to advise if circumstances change during the day or advise the Class Teacher first thing in the morning. 
Please take care if parking on the roads around the school, find a sensible place to leave your car and walk if necessary. 
We will never let our children leave school at the end of the day without you. If this means that they have to wait with us until you find a sensible place to park, then so be it. 

By Bus 

Bus 311 
Operated by Brian Jones Coaches 
Route: Meopham - Sole Street - Cobham 
Please ensure your child knows if they are on the bus going home each day, if a sibling is unsure we can generally work it out by asking the other one but we would prefer not to take that risk in case they are not met at the other end. 
You may email us or phone us to advise if circumstances change during the day and your child needs to get the bus, but if we are not sure, we will NOT put your child on the bus. 
The morning service to Cobham Primary School runs in term times only leaving Meopham School at 08.24, serving all bus stops on request en route and departs from Sole Street (The Railway Inn) at 08.30
Intending passengers are asked to give a clear hand signal to the driver in good time as the bus approaches. The bus arrives at Cobham Primary School at approximately 08.35
The afternoon bus will leave Cobham Primary School (opposite) at 15.20 for Sole Street and Meopham. 
For details please contact: 
Brian Jones Coaches: 01474 329686 
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