Cobham's Caring Code and Behaviour Policy demonstrate our keenness to reward children for their hard work, excellent behaviour and positive attitude to school. There are four school houses at Cobham - children work hard each day to be given ‘housepoints’ which are recorded safely. The house that has the most points at the end of a term is awarded the housepoint cup and can wear their own clothes to school on a chosen day. In addition we have a number of other rewards offered on a daily, weekly and termly basis. 

Star of the Day 

Each day children are chosen 'Stars of the Day' from each class. This is truly a great accolade as it is so hard to choose 2 individual children from a class of 30! When children have been chosen 5, 10, 15 and even 25 times during a school year, they are awarded a badge; bronze, silver, gold and then a special headteacher’s award during our special celebration assembly each week. The children love this system and they are often mentioning how many more they need for their next badge! 

Achievers' Assembly 

Every Friday, children from each class are nominated to share their work as part of our Achievers’ Assembly. The children can be chosen by their class teacher for a plethora of reasons such as: a great piece of writing, improvements in swimming, a fantastic piece of art, or an act of kindness and thoughtfulness. Each achievement is celebrated equally. The whole school gets to hear of each other’s success! It’s a lovely event during the week, which we all look forward to. 

Star of the Week 

At the end of our special Achiever’s Assembly, a child from each class is chosen to be ‘Star of the Week.’ This is a great honour because it means that the chosen child has shown supreme effort in their learning and behaviour throughout the whole week. The seven nominated children are presented with a certificate to take home and are then invited to ‘afternoon tea’ with the headteacher – this special time together allows Mrs Saunders a great opportunity to chat to the children and praise them even further for their fantastic efforts! 

End of Term Trophies 

Three times a year at the end of each term, every child is considered for one of Cobham’s four special trophy awards, which are the: 
Achievement Cup 
Citizenship Cup 
Effort Cup 
Talented Cup 
One child is nominated from each class for each of the above trophies. The class teachers hold a meeting to discuss the merits and achievements of each individual nominee, then a decision is reached and an overall winner chosen. This is always a tough decision and Mrs Saunders is not too happy when a draw is declared and she has to make the final decision! 

End of School Trophies 

When our eldest children leave the school, we award five trophies representing each of our TRUST values, and the Headteachers Award, to our brightest stars. Again it is often impossible to choose but decisions have to be made. The whole school is always keen to see who has been awarded each trophy and to hear the reasons why. Each award is an honour that recognises achievements, talents or efforts. 
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